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Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living

Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word that literally means the science or knowledge of life. Ayur "life" and Veda "knowledge". Our modern life needs a sophisticated framework to address the full aspects of our human experience; this ancient wisdom tradition is the powerful mind-body health system that is growing to fulfill this need as Ayurveda has spread all over the world.

It's teachings uses a blend of herbal remedies, nutrition, spiritual insight, treatments, nature, scientific analysis and artistic creativity to guide us to a balanced and fulfilled lifestyle. It's a timeless wisdom that has outlasted many fads; at its root the focus is on the uniqueness of each individual. This system of self-healing gives us simple methods to prevent disease, maintain health, have vitality and energy and ageless beauty, however prescriptive it seems, the ultimate aim of Ayurveda is to realize our human potential and live it fully.

Ayurveda & Soul Healing

You are an extension of the divine energy of love and the powerful creator of your reality. When you're feeling connected to this flow of energy, your life is filled with meaning; you're not just busy doing things, you're doing the right things. Living becomes less about "getting there" than "being here". You learn to harness the power of nature and your body's natural ability to self-heal and restore balance.

When your energy is flowing, your life is flowing.

Welcome to this poetic art of living in harmony with nature. On your soul's journey, the living breathing energy of Ayurveda gives you the power to experience your divine nature. Aromatic botanicals, plant spirit medicine, sacred sound, and energy support you in fostering your connection to Holy and Earthly Mother to embody your soul's desires. I support you in these powerful practices as you heal, grow and thrive.

Heal the soul first, then the body and mind heals.

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Sacred Feminine Re-Awakening

Explore Your Feminine Goddess Type of Ancient India & Your expression of the divine energy of creativity, beauty and fearlessness.

What are your natural tendencies in ways you can bring your unique gifts into the world? Which Goddess calls out for you to fully embody?

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