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Ayurveda & Soul Healing

The health, healing and beauty of a woman's soul is the center of Sama Ayurveda. In this hectic pace we live in it's so easy to forget the unique person we truly are. You might have come here to remember. When a woman strengthens her health and spiritual power, she also strengthens the health and wisdom of everyone around her.

When we heal our self, we heal the world.

You might have arrived here with so much healing work behind you and kale just isn't quit the remedy you thought would fix this piece you just get a grasp on. You might be getting your grounding after so many life changes or maybe they've settled and now your nervous system is settling you're wondering what's next and what do I really, I mean really want.

My name is Maria Carbonell and I help the overly driven woman who may have depleted herself settle back into her true nature and get her groove back in this new season of her life. She's ready for more balance, pleasure, and deep meaning in her life.

In 2015, I closed the doors to my Ayurvedic Spa & Healing Studio in Santa Barbara, Ca. In that space I served hundreds of women seeking nourishment and ultimately to connect to her divine feminine.

Today, I continue to be a guide for the modern woman in her self-discovery and self-healing.

I didn't plan on this path but a series of intense spiritual awakenings fast-tracked me into remembering the specific plan my soul had for me. I am truly grateful to be me again.

The Feminine Cure & Nurturing Your Nature


My approach is through what I call the feminine cure: sacred self-care and ritual, healing with the 5 pleasure senses, tuning your rhythm with mother nature, Ayurvedic practices --considered to be the world's oldest documented healthcare system; in Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda translates to the "knowledge of life or knowing thyself.”

I believe there comes a point in our life we become hungry for a deeper meaning to our day-to-day existence. Whether this point is through an illness, life changing circumstances, traumatic experience or a spark within —- we are hungry for a deep fulfillment and purpose.

I take a whole person snapshot of you — what and how you eat, your metabolic type, your creative and spiritual practices, your beliefs and patterns, ability to let go and forgive, to adapt and move through change, how well you focus, detox, purify, rejuvenate your mind and body… to what do you long and ache for?

Ready to create health, reveal your sacred feminine and have the freedom your soul longs for?

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