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Are you Ready to Answer the Call?

When I read this excerpt below a swoop of energy rose up from deep inside me and I just wanted to throw up, instead I let myself cry. I let the tears purify my heart and not let it become hardened by a sometimes cruel world. Then I moved into action because that’s how we heal from something like this. This was and incident that happened last year. 
It resonated my call-to-action to share a sense of urgency that our time is now to begin living the dream that our soul is crying out to us to live. Unless you’re a sadhguru, sage or mystic we just don’t know when our day to leave our body is. 
Dr. Rankin posted this article in response to the Pulse nightclub shootings in Orlando in Mind, Body, Green and it’s been viral on the internet. I want to repost it here because we’re all in this together in our isolated bubbles that it feels like sometimes. There’s a ripple affect and we’re more connected than ever especially when tragedy hits.   
Article Excerpt
From the bathroom at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, where a terrorist opened fire, 30-year-old Eddie Justice texted his mother. “Mommy I love you. In the club they shooting. Trapp in the bathroom. Call police. Im gonna die.”

His mother texted back, “Calling them now. U still there? Answer your phone. Call me. Call me.”

Eddie replied, “Call them mommy. Now. Im still in the bathroom. Hes coming. Im going to die.”

Eddie was among the 50 people who didn’t make it.
This touches my heart and for a moment I cried for the mother and the feeling of this senseless death in Eddie’s final moments.  
Notice that Eddie’s texts began with “Mommy I love you.” 
In the end of our human existence, the message comes loud and clear again, our duty and assignment is TO LOVE.
To love our parents, to love our family, to love our partner, to love our earth, to love our animals, to love our life, to love our work… well I think you get it. 
The Call to Consciousness and Awakening
I had made a vow in 2006 when I ventured out into my own soul’s awakening and journeyed into entrepreneurship where it all started with “De-Stress Essentials”, an eco-consious lifestyle store where I sold products from conscious businesses that helped de-stress the mind, body and spirit. 
The requirements of each business was that they give back to a non-profit organization who helped remove suffering or uplifted the human spirit or that of animals. I learned so much about The Invisible Children of Uganda, Surf Aid, and a Massage School in Nepal who helped the Untouchables get trained, paid and placed for healing work and in turn, heal themselves. 
I was amazed by the movement one person started to help remove the suffering and to make sure loneliness, the worst poverty of our time, is eradicated.
I vowed I no longer will I sit on the sidelines of my life. Sometimes I fail but I forgive myself and re-commit to my vow. This could be your re-commitment time as we head into a full moon summer solstice. That these energies are holding the space for us to realize our desires but we have to get clear on them.
Your Invitation 
This is my invitation to You to to answer your call to shift into soul alignment.
There is a lot of fear behind going wholeheartedly on this route but I assure you, your soul will never abandon you or lead you to wrong. It’s not in your soul’s nature. Your soul’s nature is also not intended to suffer at a job that doesn’t uplift your spirits, live for other’s dreams or worse of all — sit on the sidelines when you know this isn’t serving your best life. We are intended to fly and spread our wings. 
We are energetic beings and by the very laws of nature, we have to transform and change or we go stagnant and physiologically our rivers too become stagnant — our lymph, blood, tissues and on the cellular level. 
Just like a condor who doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring, to live a life on your soul path requires you to step into your courage and to not live without fear rather to live fearlessly in the presence of fear. 
I was told by a Hindu Priest at the time I was struggling on my soul path… 
Divine Soul doesn’t always give you what you want, but always gives you what you need.
10 years now completely committed on this path, this statement has been true every step of the way. I was always taken care of. So I hear your fears and I want to help you shift from that mindset into one that will allow you to fly.
If you FEEL a strong resonance from a deep place within you, that’s your soul asking you to line it up with your external world because she has something great to show you.
You don’t have to do this alone. I invite you to let me lead you on this path. 
If you have followed me this far, you’ll know that this is not a job for me, but my own soul calling to be of service to assist women and men to answer their call to live divinely inspired, create a life from your inspiration and make a living from your super power — yup we have one even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. 
I am here to assist you to be the visionary of your life and guide you to clarity, balance, inner peace, and your power to heal yourself and heal your world. 
We need you now more than ever. There is a collective call to consciousness to live from this soul level. It’s becoming harder and harder to “settle” and our physical health begins to suffer the longer we wait. Please don’t wait. Your symptoms are the first signs to heed warning. I’m here to help you re-commit and take your life back !
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