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3 Signs You’re Out of Tune with Your Intuition

Intuition, One of the 5 Senses of The Soul
As we begin to create a divinely inspired life, intuition will be one of the keys to navigating the unseen part of us so we can really live the expansive and limitless abundance we’re meant to live. Our intuition is our internal compass and gateway to our soul.
Here are 3 signs your intuition may be blocked.
1) You’re frozen by indecision
This is usually symptomatic of a lack of clarity, overwhelm or information overload. When you’re in synch with your intuition, decisions from this place are quick and follows decisive and inspired action.
2) You lack flexibility
Tuning in to your intuition requires you to be in the flow, knowing when to shift and make adjustments to your plan. If you’re too glued to what’s on your calendar or too rigid, say on a road trip you might miss a spectacular sight along the way, you miss out on something even better and higher. The best road trips I’ve had was when I was tuned in to my intuition and witnessed the most amazing sites not originally on my plan. Those spectacular memories will always be with me.
3) You go against your instinct
Instinct is not rational. Friends or family might call you crazy for starting that business, quitting your job or you sell your stocks right before the market dives. Once I was below a plant that was at the worst spot ever over a sink. As I was standing beneath it washing dishes, I ‘heard’ a voice that said ‘move’ so without question I moved, the terra cotta pot falling immediately crashing to pieces. I’m sure there have been signs in your life like that. If you ignore the guidance, you’ll miss out on the most aligned work for you, transformative experiences or avert danger 😉
What is the one thing your intuition is guiding you to do today?
Your ability to tune in to your intuition is an important step to living a beautiful life in flow with your soul.

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