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Women’s Rejuvenation

 Experience Ayurvedic Healing and Rejuvenation to Harmonize Your Mind, Body & Soul


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Rasayana is the art & science of rejuvenation. Rasa is the juice that enhances immunity and sustains life…  gives us strength, vitality, and giving us the will power and determination to move through life. When we are depleted, life feels like a struggle and off. Rasayana therapies with me focuses on building the nervous system and immune system and opening the energy body.

Rasayana treatments are 1, 3 or 5 days of grounding, nourishing and restoring the mind, body and emotions. It is a restful time of reflection and transformation as you move through another season of life.

Customized treatments and personalized sessions are designed to release emotional tension, calm the nervous system and assist the body to move to its natural state of self healing. Treatments are supportive for those going through difficult emotional times, relieving stress, trauma from the body and need nurturing the spirit and body.

Our modern life has the ability to drain us – economically, socially, technologically nutritionally, energetically. Most of us are living with excess, whether it is in the environment, internal/outside noise, material accumulation, unsettledness of the mind, excessive use of tehcnology and losing further out connection with our own bio-rhythm.

We need more contemplation and rejuvenation. Women especially are more vulnerable to the changes as we have moved into a new age where the shakti/femminine energy is charging this planet however the men too are feeling the affects. This is good news but it also has the capacity to wear our mind, body and spirit if we’re not prepared.

Rasayana therapies have the ability to clear the body and mind of impurities built up through excessive and misuse of our senses — excess or deficient eating, drinking, talking, listening. Toxins may build up from our environment and eventually when our body isn’t able to handle the overload, our systems become sluggish and our organs become inefficient, we struggle to maintain.

When the mind and body are clean of impurities, we are open to receive grace and love. Our body is truly a temple for the soul. A multiple day rejuvenation therapy program will help move out the emotional, physical and mental toxins and re-set the systems of the body.

A Rasayana program can be created to pursue or satisfy a specific goal such as feeling stronger in body and mind, boost immunity, release stuck emotions, healing from a traumatic experience, moving from divorce, inspire a healthier lifestyle, or spiritual growth. Most people come for Rasayana because they are ending and/or beginning a new chapter in life, whether preparing to conceive, moving through menopause, letting go of a difficult past, moving through health crisis or challenges, grieving loss of loved one, or celebrating new beginnings.

A rasayana program helps repattern old habits and infuse new cellular memory into the tissues. Most everyone comes to rasayana with me to connect back with themselves, find their rhythm and tune in to their higher selves.

Each program is designed according to each individual needs. Techniques and therapies vary but may include swedhana – sweating therapy, abhyanga – warm oil flow masage, elimination, oileation, and spiritual bathing, if necessary (3 or 5 days only). Everything I use that touches the skin is plant based and infused with the energy of love.

A program of care such as this can help with soothing an overworked nervous system ; chronic fatigue; fibromyalgia; and autoimmune disorders. It can also restore adrenal glands, bring peace and calm to the cumulative negative effects of stress, boost immune system function and subtle yet powerfully rejuvenates our whole being.

This is a time of focused attention to you and for you to go deep. Be sure when deciding upon a 1-3-5 days of care, you have some downtime and deep rest to make full use of your experience. You will be given guidance on how best to use your time in reflection. This is a time to slow down, honor your body and give self-love.

Rasayana Days will support your positive life path.


  • Comprehensive Consultation and Assessment

  • At least 2 hours of Ayurvedic therapies each day

  •  Spiritual guidance, health coaching, breathe and meditation instruction (offered for 3-5 days retreat)

  • Customized herbal remedies and preparations

  • Custom blended aromatics and oil infusions

  • “The Art of Retreat” Guidebook

  • Other add ons… and healing modalities offered

The effects of ayurvedic treatments are cumulative in nature. For optimal results, 3-5 days is recommended, however, much can de done in a 1-day.

What Rasayana clients have said:

“Thank you, thank you Maria for your life changing Rasayana treatments this past week. So happy to receive that which I had been looking & needing for years. Beautiful!”
– Naomi Mest, Long Beach, CA

“If you are looking for a truly personalized Ayurvedic experience you must go to Maria Carbonell. I recently spent 5 days with Maria, each day receiving a combination of therapies. Maria’s treatments are done with such care and thoughtfulness. At the same time I was doing my own 2 week detox cleanse and these treatments and Maria’s presence totally supported my process. Her special touches make you feel like royalty! I highly recommend Sama Auyrveda.”
– Maura Mark, Santa Barbara, CA

“Thank you Maria for everything you did to keep me on the right track. I am ready to get back on the ‘highway’. You are a true healer.”
– Shelley Capozzi, Carlisle, PA

“Tears of gratitude for a wonderful 6 days in Santa Barbara with you & my friend. So happy that my goals were met and got a “jump start” in feeling well again – not only emotionally & spiritually but also physically. AND I now have that “toolbox” of resources I was hoping to come home with. Thank you Maria.”
– Marsha Burkett, Carlisle, PA