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Ayurvedic Consultation

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Your first step to an introduction to the simple, natural system of mind, body and soul medicine. 

Understand your metabolic type and what that means for a strong digestion, immunity, body and mind.

Once you book appointment and it becomes confirmed, you’ll receive an email with a link to your assessment/intake form. You’ll receive everything we discussed in writing in a PDF format. Complete your protocols diligently to see and feel results.

If you’re seeking support for your long term goals, we continue working together 3-6 months, depending on the work required to get the results you seek. If it took you 8 years of neglecting your health or chronic stress, give yourself time to re-balance and allow your body to self heal. We’ll discuss in detail what it’s like to work with a coach and what you can expect from our time together.

Ayurveda is a lifestyle. Even if you are in good health, there are tweaks and blindspots that as our body changes, could make a difference in how we feel, how much energy we have and the clarity of our mind. Consider them tune ups for your mind, body and soul.
Consultations are discovery sessions and you come away knowing your strengths and weaknesses — emotionally, physically, physiologically, mentally and energetically— and lifestyle prescriptions to regain or maintain whole health.

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Consultation are done by phone, zoom or Skype.