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Ayurvedic Wisdom in Your Business



Here is Ayurvedic wisdom you can use in your business RIGHT NOW. Infuse the wisdom of the 5 elements and embrace their strengths. Be like the 5 elements – space, earth, water, fire, air – when you work:

1) Be like Space


This is the most subtle element in the universe and has a certain mystical quality about it. It is also called Akasha which in Sanskrit translates to all-enclosing, omnipresent or all-pervading. Its qualities are: clear, light, subtle, soft and immeasurable.

Create spaciousness in your life and be open to knowing when the time to transform will be. That time will come… and keep coming.

2) Be like Earth


The main principle of earth is structure. Anywhere there is stability, permanence and rigidity there will be a dominance of earth. From the creation perspective it is the point where consciousness fully takes form and becomes a substance or being that has more solidity and form. Its qualities are: heavy, dull, constant, dense, hard and gross.

When you have a yearning to be like others, stay grounded in your core beliefs and embody your talents, your unique stamp of individuality.

3) Be like Water


The main principle of water is transportation. As consciousness continues to move towards form, this is the point where an idea that has been focused upon, now needs nourishment and connectedness to take form. Its qualities are: cool, liquid, dull, soft, oily and slimy.

When you are feeling stuck, let go and flow like water.

4) Be like Fire


The main principle of fire is transformation and metabolism. Within the body it predominantly manifests as the fire of intelligence and comprehension, balance of body temperature, the absorption and assimilation of food and the transformative power of the liver. From the creation perspective this is the point where we focus energy toward a certain idea or goal and use the fire of transformation and our intelligence to start bringing it into form. Its qualities are: hot, sharp, light, dry and subtle.

When your flame is burnt out, seek out the fuel to re-ignite your flames and shine again. Keep the burning for your highest potential and the highest potential in the world.

5) Be like Air


The main principle of air is movement. Any time there is motion then we know air must be present. As consciousness continues to move along the spectrum of the elements away from ether and towards form, the air element is the point where it takes on a particular direction or goal; an idea of what to move towards. It has a tendency to be erratic and quickly move in another direction. Its qualities are: mobile, dry, light, cold, rough and subtle.

When you encounter an obstacle, dance like the wind that can move around any problem. Be imaginative. Embrace the energy of movement and momentum.

Everything in the practice of Ayurveda is inter-related, so as small business owners, don’t forget to customize your skin care, get your beauty sleep, do a daily Ayurvedic self massage, and even keep a beauty calendar for your self-care needs to improve your health and for your mind, body and spirit to flourish.


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