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Plants for Juicy Living

If I were to tell you before 2008 that I will be surrounded by plants, have dreams about plants, heal myself and clients with plants, I would have told you no way is that possible. I did not inherit my father’s green thumb nor did I have an interest.  Well, that... read more

Write Your Own Prescription

If you want to spark a shift from within, need some healing or are going through a life transition, stop and ask yourself … “What exactly do I need right now to ____________ ?”  There is a great power of intention when writing your self-prescription.  ... read more

6 Signs You’re Going Through a Shift

6 Signs You May Be Experiencing a Vibrational Shift  You have a strong desire that makes no economic sense to quit your job to fulfill your true purpose You’re ready to give up harmful habits and adopt new ones You start distancing yourself from toxic people and... read more

Are you Ready to Answer the Call?

When I read this excerpt below a swoop of energy rose up from deep inside me and I just wanted to throw up, instead I let myself cry. I let the tears purify my heart and not let it become hardened by a sometimes cruel world. Then I moved into action because... read more