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Daily Routine to Set Yourself Up for Success

Every successful person has a success ritual or routine. Even ancient wisdom traditions valued the sacred daily rituals that are tools to create the perfect rhythm in the day and to handle obstacles the day might present itself, which they do ! They help us also to master our lives, helping us to listen to the inner wisdom of the right path.

This is a return to basic medicine for the mind, body and soul— Sadhana will be your routine and spiritual daily practice that helps bring our you best and will reveal your unique gifts and that not only will be your healing medicine but medicine for others.

If you’re taking back control of your life, in a transitionary period, or are recovering from a setback — health or life, Sadhana will support your nervous system, help you manage your energy and time and bring center to a life maybe once chaotic and directionless.



Sample Daily Ayurvedic Routine to Set Yourself Up for Success

*daily routines will vary according to your natural rhythms, mind/body type and intention for your practice

The heart of a Sadhana, spiritual practice is:

meditation, prayer, yoga or mind/body movement, chanting, and reading sacred literature.

Once you become in tune with your practice, it will become your life and will live your Sadhana.

It will not be limited to the above practices but will encompass also the following:

forgiveness, love, transforming negative emotions, silence, humbleness and gratitude, reverence for life, service, healthy living, laughter, honesty, commune with nature and taking yourself lightly 



Wake Up the same time each day, before or with the sun rise
Give thanks for the day and stretch gently waking up the body

Make your bed
Wash eyes with cold water
Scrape tongue
Drink Hot Water
Meditate and practice breathing exercises (can also chant, add mudras and read inspiring passage)
Exercise to get your heart rate up (according to your metabolic type)
Give yourself a self-oil massage, also called abhyanga
[Swish and gargle with oil and massage gums] Eliminate
Bathe — end with cold water

Eat breakfast


Eat lunch same time each day if possible 11:30-1:30p when digestion and sun is strongest
Keep a consistent work schedule
Pace yourself – don’t rush
Take herbs and sip hot water throughout day


Evening exercise according to your metabolic type [walk/run/yoga] Eat a light meal before 7pm
Write down your BIG 3 tasks of the next day that is top priority to move your dreams forward
Create a bed time routine – includes time to shut off electronics, tea or hot milk with turmeric, and reading inspiring text
Go to bed 10pm

* Your routines will give room for seasonal adjustments and adjust for state of mind/body health.

Develop a regular routine and practice and you take control of your life.


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