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Your Feminine Year — Creating Goals from Your Soul


Your Feminine Year. What is emerging from your Soul? 

Welcome to the year where you will quite pushing hard to get the results you want. This is the year to step out of your to do list and do something spontaneous, GUILT FREE — walk on the beach, take a scenic drive, go to the movies in the middle of the day — whatever it is, follow that impulse.

I’ve done so many impulsive things in my life (still do!) and they’ve brought me opportunities, special moments and places… and they bring me joy. When those moments come, I take it.  These days it’s usually to untuck me and get the creative juices flowing and into some sort of play or movement.

Your impulsive is a sudden strong desire from the intuitive level to express or experience something. This comes from the soul level and is a strong force. It’s fluid and dynamic like the feminine force. When you’re in touch with this part of you, you are creating instinctively and led to circumstances, people and opportunities you might not have encountered.

It’s a letting go of the outcome and it’s about the journey. It also something we were taught against to do or it looks like we lack discipline, responsibility or sensibility.

I’m writing about this today in terms of goals for the new year.

Are you setting goals based on what looks reasonable on the outside?

Are you setting goals based on what your family will approve and accept you for?

Are you setting goals based on what your ego wants?

In the feminine way of creation, set your goals based on what you makes you uniquely who you are and there is no one else like you who can do it in your way and style. No one. This comes from a deep listening and seeing the patterns in childhood before life got complicated.

What do you value? Create your goals around your values.  

When you’re first setting out on this path, you’ll have to make some tough decisions outside of the box. You might experience loss in friendships (or family members support), switch in careers, new training, a lot of discomfort, maybe fear from friends and family, and doubting thoughts. You might feel isolated or misunderstood. It’s all temporary. You’re breaking free from societal norms and into your unique purpose and path. It does get easier.

Thought there is no one like her, Mother Teresa is an example of the feminine energy momentum, creation and power while she also used her masculine energy power to move through the obstacles and hatred against her. She is the balance of the divine feminine and masculine.

Need more guidance? Schedule a FREE Soul Alignment Session while space is available with Maria and start out the year with a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. There’s a place for both, whether you’re male or female.

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