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I Forgive You Letters

Every year for the past 8 years I’ve been creating vision boards and holding workshops. While it’s been impactful I’ve been thinking deeply about doing something that is as important so we can remove any blocks to receiving what we desire.
It goes along the lines of the theme for this year — Go Light 2018.
We are starting by purifying our thoughts, cleaning up the past and forgiving.
Will you join me in doing this?  


Write 3 letters to people you will ask for forgiveness.

  1. One letter will be a letter to yourself.
    We’re hardest on ourselves. Acknowledge your failings and forgive yourself in a loving letter and let that part of your life go. I love that every day I get a chance to forgive myself and be a better version of myself than yesterday. And if I mess it up, I remember I am human and forgive myself. Writing a letter to consciously bring this out on paper, helps release any stuck emotions and helps you get clarity on what you do value, the foundation to creating a life that’s uniquely yours.
  2. Second will be a letter to someone who hurt you, whether from childhood or in the near past.
    For some there is pain in our childhood that still needs healing. This letter is an opportunity to forgive that person who hurt you. This doesn’t mean you forget what was done to you but that it no longer takes up space in your life. This also doesn’t mean you are a victim to what happened to you. It means the opposite, that you’re getting your power back. I know I used to make excuses for the person who hurt me and I didn’t allow myself to get mad and acknowledge that I was hurt so the emotions piled up year after year. Anger is an emotion we can easily transform. Use your emotion here and release it — on paper, to nature — then allow the compassion to come for that person. This is true healing when you can say “thank you” for xyz, I’ve become a stronger person because of this.” (something like that) Do this only when you’re ready and please don’t rush the healing process but be ready to let go and begin to live your life.
  3. Third will be a letter to the Divine/Great Creator/God… asking for forgiveness. Maybe you’re angry about feeling neglected as you went through your suffering or why went through what you did — health, relationships, loss, pain… and didn’t feel supported by Loving Energies. It could also be about asking for forgiveness for not using your life and gifts as fully as you know you are capable of. This is a big one for me. Over the years the whispers have come more frequently or let’s just say they’ve been there but now I am in a place in my life I hear them more to guide me. Some days, eek I’ll admit it — I’ve ignored it and didn’t follow through. I struggle when I don’t. I want to keep up and will ask for forgiveness for being a lazy yogi.
Without realizing it, we stack the pervious years pain onto the next and blocks what is possible to come in.
This year is about letting to and allowing.
Make these letters personal to you as powerful exercise in letting go and allowing the free flow of desires to come in this year from a healthy place.
* The important last step is to burn your letters. Create a fire and with intention give it to the flames as you let go. 
Let this exercise be as powerful as the new YOU you’ll create next year.
Will you let me know how it goes for you?


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