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5 Super Simple Ways to Get Control of Your Life and Get out of Overwhelm

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I think at some point in our life we go through a level of overwhelm where we feel we’ve lost control and unsure how we’re going to gain it back doing what we’ve always done.

The secret is the in the law of habits. We know this but why don’t we change a habit if we know it’s good for us?! Our minds are wired for comfort, not change. Our soul is wired for our evolution. So there’s a shake-up or re-patterning of our old ways of doing things that is asking to happen.

It’s time to get super simple before the overwhelm turns into deeper issues. Small changes in habits can re-tune the body back to harmony. You’ll feel less anxious, your self-confidence will be increased, your nervous system will unwind, your digestion will get a break and the fog will lift from the mind; life will get out of emergency mode and your cells will stop storing fat and the memory of being in fight or flight.

Starting with these simple habits each day builds your muscle to make more difficult choices over time and expand your container to bring in joy, love, and clarity.

It sounds super crazy simple because it is. In Ayurveda, opposites heal. If life has gotten scattered in too many directions, it becomes easy to forget you have a deeper purpose for waking up each day… it might be time to simplify life to realize your dharma, your reason for being.

I followed these steps after gaining back control over my life. Even making a simple recipe was a huge task. Making important decisions, an even bigger one. I re-tuned my body to its own rhythm through new habits and my life got back on track.

  • Clean your home (clear the clutter, dust, re-arrange furniture so it feels good to be home)
  • Make your bed every morning
  • Eat breakfast sitting down every day this week
  • Go to work 15-minutes early
  • Slow down, take your time, don’t rush

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