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Get My Groove Back Session with Maria Carbonell

If you are sincerely interested in depth private mentorship, you are warmly welcome to apply below.

A special note about Get Your Groove Back Session with Maria below:

I know that finding a mentor- whether for personal, emotional and energetic clearing, or spiritual growth, can be a tender, sensitive and powerful process, and I acknowledge you in your strength and courage to begin.

The session you are applying for, below, is a private, 1-1 , 45-60 minute Mind, Body and Soul Session.

Filling out this application in its entirety (and quickly, in one sitting) signifies YOUR commitment to yourself, and you saying yes to moving forwards on your path,  wholeheartedly committing to your journey of empowerment, growth and transformation.

It also assists me to get a feel if we are a match for in-depth transformation, personal healing and soul work at this time.

Should you be approved, you will receive a complimentary 45-60 minute phone call from Maria (value: $185).

Due to the gifted nature of this offering no complimentary reschedules or late arrivals are possible, please be ready promptly, giving yourself enough time to get to the call.

As we move into sacred space on this call, we will be setting an energetic container and “lasering in” on your dreams, hopes, and desires for your life, emotional growth, spiritual process, and soul purpose over the coming months of your life.  We will also be FULLY and honestly exploring any fears or concerns you have about your journey, including fears or concerns around receiving mentorship, at this time.    Your vulnerability and truth-speaking on ALL levels are warmly welcomed, and VITAL.

A special note:  These sessions are reserved for women and men who are ready to invest emotionally, spiritually, and financially in their dreams, visions, transformation, and desires. I do only take folks who are fully committed to their personal transformational growth and are ready to implement the changes we set forth together. If you’re ‘testing’ the waters, dabble or ‘spiritual shopping’, this will not be for you — I work with those ready to put in 100%. 

At the end of our Session, if we both feel that there is resonance, you will be invited to move forwards into ongoing, depth mentorship around personal growth, energy clearing and/or soul work.

Please fill out the brief questions below. After you submit it go ahead and click the link to schedule a time for us to connect. You may also email: with subject line: GET MY GROOVE BACK SOUL SESSION

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