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The Glow of Radiant Health


The Re-Awakening to the New Paradigm of Health


Fear, anger and all those lower frequency emotions cannot live in the presence of LOVE. Sure, we’re human and from time to time we may experience these emotions but they’re fleeting if the frequency of LOVE remains strong within you. The greatest challenge in our modern lifestyle is HOW, which I get asked all the time.


In the Sensual Radiance Program I’m sharing a critical concept that’s missing in our health care system and health perspective in general. It’s a subtle type of inner beauty and when you have it you radiate from the inside. It has to be cultivated from the inside and no amount of perfume, adornment, makeup and anti-aging potions can replace this kind of  radiant health.



This is the Ayurvedic concept of Ojas, a subtle bodily substance that is the foundation of our overall health, happiness and resilience to stress.


In my Sensual Radiance Program I took this further to create a new paradigm of health to include our radiant glow. You know when you see it… the magnetism of someone when they walk in the room, the inner beauty of a woman calm, happy and satiated by life itself, the glow of a woman in LOVE or the powerful expression of a person living their purpose.


Ojas is the vitality we have for life.


If you’re run down for too long, burn out, over worked, chronically stressed, pushing too hard to get the things you want in life, running in circles not having clarity on your direction, nervous system is dry and wirey or your immune system is weak getting sick too often, your ojas is depleted and needs some rebuilding.


There is so much to learn about this eastern little known health concept. Once you know how to regulate your ojas, metabolism and breath you’ll have a lifetime of health, longevity and happiness.


It is the foundation to everything I teach including my most beautiful offering yet…  The Sensually Radiant Woman.

In this 6-weeks class we’re taking a radical approach to healing, health and beauty.


This 6-week class is being offered for only $425, a lifetime worth of knowledge that if you apply these principles diligently and with consistency in your life, will save you $_________ amount of money, an unquestionable amount of searching for health solutions, psychiatric appointments to heal the pain of your past and so many savings to your health, happiness and well-being.

We’re starting soon. You can find all the sensuous details here

If you’d like a more personalized and private support, click on over to Apply for a Get Your Groove Back Session with Maria.


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