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Golden Milk

turmeric milk tea


This is my SUPER SIMPLE recipe for Turmeric Milk ‘Tea’.

I drank this ritually every night before bed as I was healing from trauma and major life changes that left my nervous system feeling raw and my tissues depleted. As I was going from fight and flight, I looked forward to the feeling of roundedness and nourishment this gave me. It was like a hug in a cup! Drinking this consistently along with other lifestyle practices that support your natural balance and rhythm will increase your Ojas. During your time of healing, keep life simple and don’t underestimate the profound affect major life changes and negative environments have on your mental and emotional health which affect your physical health.

This drink is especially grounding for vata (excess air & space elements which cause anxiety, spaciness, forgetfulness) and calming for pitta (fire element). Caution if toxins are high or if you have excess kapha (earth element which is lethargy, overweight) as this can aggravate the dosha further.

  1. Warm the milk in a small pan over low-medium heat, while stirring occasionally.
  2. Once warm, add turneric powder at the end just right before you turn off stove. Stir until turmeric is well integrated.
  3. You may add ghee and other spices like cinnamon or cardamom but this is optional.


Helps with:

joint pain


cleansing blood

getting restful sleep


boost immunity


self healing

heals digestive issued

liver detox

grounding, rebuilding and nourishing depleted tissues


What is Ojas? 

Ojas is the vital essence that promotes energy and vitality, strength, immunity, juiciness and sexual desire.  When ojas is depleted we become dry, filled with anxiety, and we show signs of accelerated aging. Our protection against disease is lowered with low ojas.  A person with “good” Ojas, has a healthy, luminous glow and people become naturally attracted to him or her. This is the radiance from within.

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