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Healing the Sacred Feminine

I’ve been busily putting together the Sensual Radiance Program and ready to invite women to join. I’ll be unwrapping the mystery of radiant vitality, health and creativity. It’s more than about sexual energy and juicy living but about maximizing our metabolic potential and letting that light energy shine through even when sex is the furthest form your mind. A lot of women including my self have been running on empty, depleted yet they still keep going on any ‘fumes’ from the tank of reserves.

It’s a doing energy from a non-stop to do list. It’s what our modern culture driven by the masculine energy has taught us. We need both. This program is designed for a woman’s health and well-being in mind so that no only does she operate naturally from her feminine essence and as a result let’s go of the constant need to push hard to get what she wants. She listens to the universal flow of intelligence and knows when to be still to receive clarity, take decisive action, and who to take sacred loving care of her soul, mind and body temple.

“It is the Ojas which keeps all the living beings nourished and refreshed. There can be no life without Ojas”.

Charaka Sutrasthana

 Ojas in Ayurveda is the foundation of our health, happiness, resiliency, immunity and an inner quality that you know when someone walks in room has ‘it’. The slick beauty mags have it all wrong but I’ll not go there.

Our natural constitution, lifestyle and other factors will determine quality of ojas.

If you feel dry, burnt out, stressed, depleted or could use a little juice in your step this will support the free flow of energy and vitality. Learn and apply ways to build it and stop exhausting it. You can renew at any age. 

This Program could be for you if you feel:

fatigue or exhaustion

feel lack of sexual desire

are off your monthly cycle

feelings of irritability

digestive issues

suffer from headaches


low self-esteem

feel overworked

feel emotionally burdened

over or underweight

breathe shallow from the chest

get sick often

feel unattractive

feel too masculine and pushing to get what you want

feel fearful, shy or unloved


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