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Living Juicy. What exactly does it mean?

I’ve used the term living juicy, being juicy, stay juicy before and no one has questioned me on it until recently I was asked me “Maria, what exactly do you mean live juicy?”.

It sounds sexual but it’s actually about a state of health and well-being. And when we feel healthy full of vitality, our metabolism is strong and subsequently our sexual drive.

As a vata (air & space) element predominant I have been challenged to keep myself from being dry — dry hair, dry skin, expressionless. I’ve learned firsthand because of this challenge of having this constitution to stay moist, supple and fluid. Juicy is part of our health and well-being. In Ayurveda, this is called ojas and our immunity.

I just created the Sensual Radiance Program and am so happy about it and how many lives it will transform through getting back in touch with our Sensual and Spiritual Nature. And when we feel desirous of life, we have vitality to reach our goals more naturally with enthusiasm, clarity and a drive that comes from a self-love.

I am inviting you to join me if this calls to you.

Sensually Radiant Woman

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