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About Maria Carbonell

About Maria Carbonell

I am a practitioner of Ayurveda, energy healer, aromatherapist, and sacred plant medicine healer. I founded Sama Ayurveda in 2009 and I am so passionate about helping anyone with a desire to maria_purpleheal from the inside out to harness the power of their body’s natural ability to self heal and restore balance and energy flow.

I have facilitated healing for hundreds of clients to remove blocks preventing them from getting what they most desire in their life.

My biggest leap was being the owner of Sama Ayurveda Spa & Healing Studio in Santa Barbara, CA, the first Certified Green Business in Santa Barbara County. It was there that with guidance from divine, created sacred beauty, healing and rejuvenation therapies for women. I have guided cleanses, longevity, weight loss programs and women’s empowerment workshops. In 2015, I closed the physical practice to answer the call to serve more women, without the restrictions of 4 walls. I held nature healing retreats in Ojai, CA, created Ayurvedic herbal products through Sama Apothecary and launched my transformational life coaching practice for women around the world seeking soul nourishment, self-care, and support for her spiritual expansion.
My own life has been filled with blockages and beliefs that were not my own and through my own life crisis — radically life altering moments having been saved by angels (yes, angels exist) and transformed through a single breath, choosing life and choosing to live it with a purpose that energizes me every morning.
My WHY found me. What I know to be true is I am not here to change the world; I am here to be who I am.

What the world needs most now is healing from spiritual diseases — trauma, loss, loneliness, fear, anger and sadness. Reiki and Ayurveda set me on the route to holistic health in 2006. Shortly after, I lost everything imaginable — all the material comforts, including a marriage, my home, financial security and the life I knew. Yet on the other side of that, I have regained everything that matters — my inner freedom and connection with my soul.


The Feminine Soul namaste

As a Health & Spiritual Mentor, I use a unique model of feminine soul types and Ayurveda subtle energies (prana, tejas, ojas) to guide women to embody all aspects of her wholeness:

  • harnessing her power of intuition, creativity, flow and spirituality
  • living fiercely and courageously
  • enjoying her femininity, inner beauty and material abundance

Many women are stuck in the male doing-competitive energy that our society was built on. And as she was completing her never ending to-do list fell out of touch with her soft, powerful and highly creative self. She is either living on one end of the spectrum — creative and financially struggling, or ambitious and materially abundant. Somewhere in the middle she could also be in-between, sitting on the sidelines not fully participating in life and quietly feeling an emptiness that something is missing but just can’t pinpoint it.

Either way, when a woman’s soul is not fully realized and aligned with her outer world, imbalance occurs — mental, physical and energetic.  This system acknowledges that to heal the body, you heal the mind, to heal the mind, you heal the soul.

I have personally overcome many challenges for my own inner freedom and the challenges will keep coming as long as I’m alive. My work is a culmination of life’s experiences, natural abilities, and training. What I know for sure is that tuning in to the subtle power of soul is the key to true fulfillment.

Professionalmaria pause

Maria has a diverse background in major donor fundraising for WETA TV/FM Washington, DC and community relations for several non-profits such as the Girl Scouts, an environmental organization, Diabetes Research and Business Development at

She has studied at Dhyana Center in Sebastopol, CA and CA College of Ayurveda along with learning Marma Therapy from Dr. Vasant Lad and Certified in Essential Oil Therapeutics from Floracopiea in Grass Valley and Reiki at Usui Reiki Santa Barbara.

She holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration with secondary emphasis in philosophy and world religions from Marymount University in Arlington, VA. She has studied eastern herbalism, continues to study western herbalism and a practitioner of plant spirit medicine. 

Maria is the former franchise owner and Incubator Leader for formerly Ladies Who Launch, a women’s business network that helped women live a lifestyle of entrepreneurship and creativity; she left the corporate world in 2006 to launch Sama Living, an eco-conscious lifestyle internet store. 

She holds Rasayana Rejuvenation Healing Retreats for women to help restore their vitality and inner divine spark. She is a certified aroma therapist, reiki practitioner, marma therapist, and as a spiritual herbalist uses the help of plant spirit medicine as tools for transformation.

She is committed to helping women seed, cultivate and bloom their vision into life —  lighting up their desires and letting that be the fuel for their personal health creation. With her passion for helping others and compassionate nature, she helps those struggling through change, bring their internal life in alignment with their external for a meaningful way to live.

She is the creator of the Lit Up Life Soul Summit and Soul in the Flow Online Training Series. She has written several e-books: The Art of Retreat, Self-Healing Kit, and Heal and Transform Trauma. They’re available for free here.maria