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Passion Flower

Passion Flower; Passiflora

Passion Flower Soothes the Mind

Passion flower, more popularly known as Passiflora, is well known for it’s calming effects. It is a plant that provides overflowing goodness for your mind and body. Other than benefiting mental health, passionflower — or rather, its fruit, the maypop — is also used to flavor certain soft drinks, as well as Hawaiian Punch.

Common Names

Passiflora; Passion Vine; Maracuja; Apricot Vine; Maypop


Passion Flower is a woody vine with intricate blue, purple, red, or white flowers.


Passionflower was first discovered by Spanish Jesuits in Peru in the 17th century, and was named for its resemblance to the crucifixion of Christ. The Peruvians used the flower as a sedative. Once it spread to Europe, it was used to treat restlessness and agitation, along with other ailments like indigestion and seizures. Today, it’s commonly used to treat anxiety.

Health Use Today

The Passion flower soothes the mind and can help provide relief from anxiety. It may also provide relief from problems like nervousness and insomnia. It helps you mellow out by boosting the brain’s levels of a chemical called GABA, which lowers your brain activity. As such, it shows potential as a good sleep aid.

How to Take Passionflower

The best way to take passionflower is through tea. The NYU Langone Medical Center suggests making one cup three times a day by soaking one teaspoon of dried leaves for 10 to 15 minutes. Passionflower is generally considered to be safe, although its use hasn’t yet been approved for children or pregnant or lactating women.

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