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Plants for Juicy Living

If I were to tell you before 2008 that I will be surrounded by plants, have dreams about plants, heal myself and clients with plants, I would have told you no way is that possible. I did not inherit my father’s green thumb nor did I have an interest. 
Well, that was before I met 2 jyotish astrologers and a shaman.
Each told me on separate occasions that I will be working with plants a great deal in some capacity. Then I forgot about it. 
Only recently did I remember this and on my journey I had the pleasure and honor to study plants deeply as an aromatherapist and herbalist. It has helped me beyond ways I can share all here on my soul healing miracles. 
There are callings inherent in us, if we stay true on the path and plants help us unravel it for us. 
They help to balance our energy, enhance our cognitive functions, cleanse our bodies, purify our minds, ground and nourish our nervous system, strengthen our digestion, boost our immune system, regulate our hormones… it goes on… 
On the energetic and spiritual level, plants helps expand our consciousness and connect and harmonize ourselves to the source of self-healing. 
so here you go… 
My Top Ayurvedic Herbs to Help You Live Juicy 
as You Make Radical Transformations in Your Health and Life 
1. Ashwaghanda Root – the best nervine tonic for excess anxiety, worry and exhaustion; for general energy and vitality; aphrodisiac 
2. Gotu Kola Leaf– Best nervine tonic for cooling the mind; cultivates tranquility and clarity and concentration
3. Tulsi– Increases flow of prana, imparts energy of love and devotion, purifies aura and increases absorption and digestive capacity


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