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Sensually Radiant Woman






Sensual Radiance is health creation from a wholeness perspective — mind, body and soul. It’s about tapping into a vitality to wake your soul and open your senses; to live in the full radiance of your potential.

This could be the year it comes together for you.

Our time together is about strengthening our internal environment, shifting the way we react to the outside world. Create health and beauty from the inside, take pleasure in experiences including the one with your partner. Those are the side effects from living juicy and with vitality at any age. Aging is optional.

When you’re alive with sensual radiance you’re able to metabolize not only what goes into your body but life experiences. You have the ability to express and experience your true self most fully and able to transmit that to your lover, family, and friends. It is an energetic vitality that is exuded from the fullest expression of who you are. This is holistic health and a sustaining natural way of living.

The truth is most of us are living at depletion, fatigue, irritable, filled with anxiety, lacking creativity, desire and lacking not only intimacy with themselves but with their spouses and lovers.

This shows up as lack of energy and focus to get into the creative flow, digestive issues, weight gain, weight loss, hormonal issues, moon cycles off, depression, stress, and lack of presence with your loved ones.

The good news is we can create a self-healing environment so you begin to feel sensually enlivened and rejuvenated as soon as you start digesting these principles. How? It is naturally who you are — sensual, spiritual, vital and beautiful. It is not a certain dress size, weight, look, dress… it is a vitality you carry within you.

In this 6 weeks we will unlock all the secrets or mysteries behind sensuality and spirituality interwoven as our true nature.

Sensuality will become your essence by the end of the 6 weeks — if the steps are followed with adjustments to your unique metabolic type. It can be a transformation and some people may say “there’s something different about you”. Most of all you’ll feel more alive, healthier with vitality and natural attractiveness.

This program is designed for most women, while recognizing we’re all different. We will adjust accordingly but the overall plan will be outlined.

You’ll receive meal plans, templates, guidance on herbs, nutrition, aromatic botanicals as aphrodisiacs, breath modulation techniques and movement exercises to fire up your metabolism. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks to optimize your time and your body’s self-healing.

The New Paradigm for Health… is the sensually radiant woman. 



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How many of these do you feel?  It might be time to check into this program…

fatigue or exhaustion

feel lack of sexual desire

are off your monthly cycle

feelings of irritability

digestive issues

suffer from headaches


low self-esteem

feel overworked

feel emotionally burdened

over or underweight

breathe shallow from the chest

get sick often

feel unattractive

feel too masculine and pushing to get what you want

feel fearful, shy or unloved



The divine feminine energy is that part of you that feels, that honors the wisdom of your heart, that honors your intuitive impulses, that craves beauty and stillness as she honors living fearlessly in the direction of her dreams and desires. She’s in tune with the wisdom of her body. The divine feminine energy creates and is sensual, as she is sexual. The divine feminine energy is the most natural part of us. This is what we are awakening to, the memory and return to our true nature.

I’ve worked with the soul, mind and body of women for 11 years, as an Ayurvedic Practitioner for 8 years. I’ve supported a woman through her most difficult time of transition through witnessing her pain and celebrating her healing, preparing nourishing meals, herbal and aromatic remedies, providing a safe haven to be, experiential journeys of the soul, oiling her body temple, giving the Mother love, opening her channels so the rivers of life can flow and giving rejuvenation to all parts of her to bring her energies into alignment.

The soul of a woman is complex. The remedies and treatments to bring her back to harmony should be simple, beautiful with a depth to the experience.

I’ve created a 6-week experiential journey that’s designed for the soul of the woman to create health from within. If one allows, it can be life changing meaning also will support your relationships with your return to your divine feminine. Let me be clear. This is not about him vs her. This is about the balancing of energies of the sacred masculine and divine feminine. Our relationships are in desperate need of this balance, including the one with ourself.

When our divine feminine can awaken, the sacred masculine can start harmonizing. You’ll find it’s a natural way to be with your loved one and all of nature in this perfect balance and dance.




Maria is the founder of Sama Ayurveda Wellness. As a holistic life coach she supports women back to her true self most fully Sensually + Spiritually. Learn more about her here. Read what past clients say about their experience.