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The Magic of Sadhana

There’s something standing between you and your deepest desires. That missing piece could be a deeper connection to yourself and the divine.

In the Ayurvedic tradition this is called Sadhana, personal practices you do on a consistent basis for your spiritual growth.

Your personal daily practice is what aligns you with your natural rhythms and your true desires.

Most people believe that NOT having a daily routine gives them the freedom and creativity but look closer at the lives of artists, writers, yogis, and other creative souls. Their days are infused with rituals. Their personal Sadhana allows them to create flow and that gives them the freedom to create. Rather than scattering their energies, they’re grounded in spiritual practice and connected to their soul’s desires.

Sadhana can improve your health and help you tap into your intuition so anything you create will be original.

My daily spiritual practice has changed my life. I can do it from anywhere and it doesn’t have to be elaborate like when I started. I had that one space and only that spot for meditation and prayer. But that structure helped me create a daily discipline and build momentum. In time, my whole of life has become a Sadhana. Anything we do, the way we breathe, sit, eat or the way we handle our mind and emotions has a potential to be Sadhana.

I wasn’t perfect at it. I got lazy some days (well most) and when things were good I stopped the practice. That’s when I got back again — when things became a struggle. The pattern repeated. I realized it was the practice that created the flow and blessings in my life.

Most of us are longing for a deeper meaning than living from our daily to-do list. We crave feeling purposeful in the world and being who we are. If you don’t know why or what you want from a deep place of longing, you’ll be distracted by so many paths and leave you wandering aimlessly on your journey, either staying stuck or moving in the direction that is not truly yours.

The magic is in your spiritual practice where we’re focusing on strengthening the caliber of our internal life.

How to Create Your Practice: 

1) Create a Sacred Space in your home with items that have spiritual meaning for you.

2) Take a moment and ask yourself…

“What would I like to accomplish in 21, 30 or 40 days?”

Seal your intentions and set your duration.

3) Write down your simple morning/evening routine to include:


A yoga asana practice

Breathing exercises


A daily walk in nature

Reading spiritual text






With consistent practice you will have more energy, you will create better habits, you will feel empowered and be aligned with who you are with work that fulfills you.

It’s by the nature of this practice that reveals the best of you.

Post here any insights!


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