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Transform Your Life with Ayurveda

30- Day Jumpstart Challenge

Holistic Transformational Program and Self-Discovery

based on the ancient wisdom traditions of Ayurveda  

The Jumpstart Transform Your Life Program is one-of-a-kind. It may be the first personalized holistic health program that is designed to first unblock your desires and only then create your goals around your dreams. What I found in my many years as a holistic care provider was that if our goals aren’t deep enough that we get so lit up by them, our chances for success in our health goals will be a roller coaster ride or we give up and end up right where we started. Egads.

I don’t want this for you knowing what I know now!

However, clients who had a strong, very strong reason, to get excited and naturally inspired by their desires reach their health goals one step at a time. Here’s also another thing, getting to your health and life goals is a matter of making simple — very simple daily adjustments in your daily habits that will correct imbalances and create health and a life that is pleasing and beautiful for you — not anyone else, but you.

Here’s the key before we start working together — have the patience and allow yourself time to make the changes emotionally, energetically and mentally — it’s a total holistic approach. You are a new body every 2 years. New cells, tissue being regenerated meaning new bones, muscles, blood running through you. This is exciting which also means, aging is optional! Sure, we will age but who we are, a soul body, is timeless. This is why in my unique health program where we work closely together privately, I address the soul, your energy body and what than means to your optimal health and life.

Ayurvedic principles of our unique constitution really allows us to make adjustments for our body type — what we eat, how we digest life experiences, how we process emotions, how our gut health is affected, the way we make transitions in life, to the type of environment we thrive in and how we show up with our unique gifts in this world. Ayurveda is a complete system and art of living in harmony with our own true nature.

When you incorporate simple ayurvedic practices into your lifestyle, some real changes are made, down to your deepest self. But before we begin, we…

◦    Get crystal clear on what your desires, visions and dreams are 

◦    Know your body and mind type



Each Program will vary but may include: 

◦    Step into the flow and bring consciousness into every aspect of life. Explore where you are with your mind, body and soul goals and where you want to be.

◦   We focus on one primary area with secondary and tertiary goals supporting the harmony

◦    Learn breathing techniques to alleviate anxiety and nervousness

◦    Learn a systematic way to create health and keep it !

◦    Discover self-care practices that build and nourish the tissues

◦    Expand your awareness and consciousness

◦    Discover ayurvedic healthcare secrets that have been proven for over 5,000 years

◦    Enhance your intuition

◦    Reduce stress levels and have more energy.

◦    Tune your body with its natural rhythms.

◦    Slow down the aging process

◦    Understand the concept of committing “crimes against your true nature”

◦    Learn to eat for nutrition

◦    Learn Ayurvedic concepts of Ojas, Prana, Tejas; ama, doshas, why digestion is the key to immunity and health


  • Reverse fatigue, brain fog, stubborn weight, low sexual energy. Improve digestion, mental clarity, increase vitality and happiness.



Increase your energetic frequency, balance your unique constitution and give you tools to embody this new vibrational alignment.

This immersion into Ayurveda includes:

•    Comprehensive 90 minute initial assessment and consultation

•    4 weekly 45 minute enhancement visits (or can use consecutive days)

•    Herbal and aromatic remedy recommendation to enhance energetic frequency, balance digestion

•    Lifestyle recommendations

•    Mind & Emotional Healing


What are you ready to change and transform in your life?  
– break a habit that’s not supporting my dreams
– lose the last 10 lbs
– follow through on my commitments
– stop procrastinating
– feel lighter in mind and body
– get focused on one area and make progress toward that
– get rid of anxiety, aches and pains, inflammation
– negative talk and self doubt
Challenges are a great way to create a sense of urgency around a specific goal. Clients going through this 3-Day Program Challenge right now have reported feeling lighter by the end of their assessment in session 1. Here’s what our time together will look like (it may look different depending on personal goals and the strategy we take:
Session 1 – Consultation, Comprehensive Assessment, Set Goals
(included in program challenge)  
Week 1 – Mind
Week 2 – Body
Week 3 – Soul 
Week 4 – Integration 

Cost: $400 limited time only, normally $997 

this is for a limited time, working privately with me is over double this invitation

Click here to Get Started. Once you submit payment you’ll receive a link to the assessment form to fill out 2 days prior to our meeting time which we will also schedule.