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Holy Basil Tea


Herbal Holistic Self-Care – Tulsi, holy basil 

I think of Holy Basil as a great protector, one of my plant allies so easy to grow and gives generously. It’s my tea to boost my winter immunity from colds and infections and the busyness of the season. It also helps strengthen digestion and fight away inflammation. In Ayurveda it’s called an adaptogen, meaning it supports our body to adapt to stress.

It does all this but the energetics are the best… it’s my helper to be in tune with the world with all the distractions and noise. It’s my meditation in a cup when I need to pause and hear the sweet hummm again.

I prefer using fresh leaves; dry leaves make a lovely tea too.

Holy Basil Tea

1 tsp tulsi leaves
1/2 tsp hibiscus (optional)
1 tsp rose petals
16 ounces hot water

Place herbs in your tea pot strainer. Pour the boiled hot water and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. Enjoy !

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